Our Performers

Yoshiyuki Kimura

Yoshiyuki Kimura

He is a double-faceted performer of taiko and Tsugaru shamisen. In addition to winning national championships in both instruments, he has led his students to victory as well.

In 2022, he was awarded the 51st Higashi-Kuninomiya International Culture Award, the first in the field of traditional Japanese music, for his wide-ranging activities, which continue to be highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad. He has been called a maestro in Russia and an exceptional performer in Germany, and has attracted more than 150,000 audiences. He is a one-of-a-kind artist who combines overwhelming performance and teaching ability.

Ken Yokoyama

(Crazy Ken Band)

Crazy Ken Band’s Leader, Composer, Arranger, Lyricist, Keyboards, Vocal. 1981 debut as vocalist and composer of Cools RC. After many twists and turns, he launched Crazy Ken Band in his hometown Honmoku in the spring of 1997. The following year 1998, he made his debut with the album “PUNCH!” in 2005, “Tiger & Dragon” became a big hit as the theme song for the TV drama. 2023 will be Crazy Ken Band’s 25th anniversary year, and on September 6, they will release their 23rd album, “Sekai” (World) on September 6.

Ushio Hashimoto

From 1990, she made her debut as a regular singer on NHK’s educational TV program “Tomodachi ippai (My friends)” as a singing lady in the program “Utatte Asobo” (Let’s Play and Sing). She has sung many songs, mainly anime and children’s songs, such as “Romantic I Give You (Dragon Ball)” and “Princess Moon (Sailor Moon)”.

Akira Asakura

Debuted from CBS Sony in 1986, and their 1993 Shiseido commercial song “Baby Lips” became a hit, selling over 200,000 copies. In 1996, she formed “ROMANTIC MODE”, and their debut single “After War Gundam X” became the first single to reach No.10 on Japanese Oricon Hit Chart and won the Best Rookie Award of Golden Disc Awards. Currently, they are energetically performing one-man live concerts, appearing at events, singing theme songs for anime and video games, teaching vocals, and more.

Koichi Takamatsu

He made his debut as an actor in 2010, starring in a musical. He debuted as an actor in 2010, playing the lead role in a musical, and has appeared in the films “CAGE” and “Fubaika”. He has also appeared in various other dramas, movies, and stage productions, including the TV drama “Kabukicho defense counsel Rinka” as Takeru Inui, the TV drama “Wild Heroes” as Kakei, the stage production “100 sleeping princes & the kingdom of dreams” as Capita, and the stage production “NORN9 Norn + Nonet” as Natsuhiko Agatsuma. Not only as an actor but also as an artist and a business manager, he is engaging in various business activities. This time, he will showcase his Japanese sword techniques that have overwhelmed the Japanese audience.

Katsumi Sakakura

A performance artist who expresses the unique “movement, rhythm, and spirituality” of Japanese martial arts. He has performed in 42 countries around the world, and has performed at global events such as the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan and the opening ceremony of the IOC International Olympic Committee General Assembly.

In 2022, he received the “Cool Japan Matching Award” from the Cabinet Office.

Marie Ueda

A singer-songwriter who writes songs that cut to the heart. Her emotional voice strikes a chord with the audience. She has provided the song “SHOW BY ROCK! for a sound game application from Sanrio, as well as commercial songs, theme songs for movies, TV dramas, and TV programs. Her sound, stripped down to the bare essentials on acoustic guitar, is sometimes gentle and sometimes painful, and her voice is sure to knock people’s heart directly.


She was selected for Spotify’s “Early Noise 2020”. In May of the same year, she made her major label debut with Victor Colorful Records. She has sung the theme song for “Hallelujah” in the Monster Strike series, the ending theme song for “Digimon Adventure:” and has won numerous tie-ups. She is a singer-song composer with a unique, smoky voice that contradicts with her POP sound that captivates audiences.

Ryosuke Kimura (dps)

He is a vocal at dps. Major debut CD in 2018 “Timeline” was used as the opening theme song of “Detective Conan ” at Yomiuri TV and TV’s nationwide network TV anime. Their 1st Album “Kamikaze” also includes the famous song “I didn’t know at that time (with Marty Friedman)”. He is well known for his voice in rock and pop music as well as ballads and R&B. He will be performing dps’s music with a focus on “Timeline.” mainly at Culture Con.

The Mode

The Mode started their activities in November 2016 under the unit name “The Mode” and released their first album “Heaven” in October 2017. Since then, in order to pursue their own musicality, they have created original songs based on R&B and Hip-Hop sounds. In December 2019, they released their second mini-album “Drown” for limited distribution, and their single “I wanna be your home” released in 2020 was featured by Tower Record’s curated media “Tower Doors”, and reached the highest weekly ranking of #2. Their album “Geometry” was released in August 2022, and featured the J-hip hop legend Twigy, whose song “Feel me” was used as the lead song for the official theme song of FM Radio Fuchu. The girls have captivated not only the audience but also the musicians, creating a whirlwind of The Mode.

NEO JAPAN International Art Union

Neo Japan ArtLive Paint, Sound Art, Contemporary Dance, and Calligraphy.. a fusion of four selected artists representing Japanese culture and belonging to the New Japan International Art League, will bring a tremor to the world with their performance.

Sacred Fleramo

In March 2013, they performed at the Japan-Cambodia Art and Culture Festival 2013, and in January 2014, they expanded their base of activities to all over Japan. On December 16, 2021, the group celebrated its 10th anniversary and was inducted into the “Local Idol Hall of Famer” by the Japan Idol Support Association, and received an award. On December 21, they held the “Asia Pop Culture Festival” at Shibuya Game in Tokyo to celebrate their 10th anniversary. They started their 47 prefectures tour from January to August 2022. They will perform at the Japan Expo in Bangkok from September 2 to 4, 2022, as well as 6 performances at shopping malls, Paris Collection, etc. They are popular Japanese idols active worldwide.


Setsugekka is a professional dancers group with full experiences in Seiko Matsuda’s dinner show, Japanese commercials, musical choreography, appearances at dance events as guest, and artist back-up dancers. The leader is Yuki Taniuchi. The five-member unit consists of sub-SACHI, HIRO, REI, and YUU, who has a deep love of dance. This time in Dubai, they will perform a piece that incorporates Japanese spirit and collaboration with Japanese accessories.

Kurukuru Comic

Japanese Comedy duo formed in December 2012 by Hohobone Yonekawa and Shingo Ogino. They mainly perform comedy in Osaka. On the day of the event, they will perform a non-verbal ninja & Japanese Sword Show comedy.

Guitar Duo Shion

A classical guitar duo composed of Kimihiro Fukami and Asaka. They are currently performing in various places with the theme of “enriching the heart and vitality of life with the sound like a drop of water. Their main repertoire includes “Isuzu River,” “Hydrangea,” and other songs that convey a sense of Japan, and they are active in conveying the spirit of Japan through music. This time, they will also perform a song from “Ghibli,” one of Japan’s most popular animated films.


Born on December 24, 1989 in Osaka Prefecture, she has been active as a comedian for 8 years and is now widely active as an actress and artist. She delivers original material in which her personality shines through.

Magenta Rodeo

In June 2019, she performed her own songs and cover songs (anime songs, etc.) on stage at “Ennichisai,” a large scale Japanese culture festival held in Indonesia, attracting 330,000 people for 2 days and drawing an audience of over 3,000 people. She attended “BIGO LIVE” in Singapore in January 2023 as a representative performer of Japan to make it a great success. Currently, she is active as a top performer while continuing her energetic live streamers. This time, they will perform famous Japanese anime songs and original songs.

HERO’S CLUB Yamato Project

HERO’S CLUB is a small and medium-sized business organization founded by business executives who practice “aspiration-based management” with the aim of “restoring Japan where children can have hope for the future”. The group is developing the “Yamato Project”, which aims to revive agriculture, education, culture, and the economy. The wadaiko drumming team performs throughout Japan, including at Ise Jingu Shrine and Izumo Taisha Shrine, and was awarded the Social and Cultural Contribution Award, the Well-Being Award, and the Social Marketing Award in 2023.

Satsuki Sunayama

Representative Director of OFFICE SATSUKI Co. Starting with the Asia Pacific Festival in Taiwan in 2018, she has produced and performed kimono and kimono dress fashion shows and dances in Hawaii, Monaco, Dalian, the Philippines, and Japan. Especially for kimono dresses, we reuse and reduce kimonos and Obi (Japanese Kimono band) that are lying in chests and turn them into kimono dresses, which can be used sustainably from the viewpoint of SDGs. We hope that many people around the world will learn about the kimono and obi, which are traditional Japanese arts, through our kimono dresses. Our goal is to let people around the world know about these wonderful techniques and to keep them alive. For the first time in Dubai, a leading Japanese fashion show professional will produce a show that expresses the beauty and suppleness of the Japanese woman.

Yuna Hattori

Yuna Hattori is active in many fields as a legend in the beauty industry who was the first Japanese to introduce eyelash extensions. She was also instrumental in the Nagoya-Rheims sister city affiliation. Currently, in addition to running five companies, she is the producer of the kimono dress brand KANON, which is attracting attention both in Japan and abroad. While continuing charity activities for more than 20 years, she also runs Mrs. Contest and “MIRAI WOMEN SUMMIT,” a support group for women entrepreneurs.